Catamarans for charter

Catamarans for charter in Malta

No trip to the Maltese islands would be complete without a boating excursion out to some of the archipelagoís most beautiful and most famous sites. If youíre in a small group, a catamaran in Malta can provide one of the most enjoyable boating experiences available.

A catamaran is boat with multiple hulls, in contrast to the traditional mono hull and can be charted either with or without a skipper. If you choose to charter your catamaran in Malta with a skipper than your total number of passengers will be reduced by one. However, if you elect to sail without a skipper, you will be required to show proof of a valid sailing certificate, and many charter companies will require a 4/5 qualification.

Some of the benefits to consider when choosing a catamaran in Malta over other types of available sailing vessels are that catamarans can be either sail-powered or engine-powered giving you the freedom to choose your experience and how quickly that experience will go. Catamarans are much quicker than mono hull boats because of their shape. Even for small groups that could fit comfortably in a mono hull boat, catamarans offer a greater amount of space for 6, 8, 10 or even 12 passengers.

Catamarans are wider across, also referred to as having a wider beam, than mono hull boats as well. This provides two unique benefits as a result of increased stability. First, catamarans are more stable and this allows them to carry more sail area per unit of length, which increases the overall power of the boat. Second, the stable of the catamaran decreases the intensity of rocking that a mono hull or other narrow boat experiences. This can make the trip more enjoyable for all passengers but especially for those who experience nausea or anxiety in a rocking boat.

If you are planning to a boat charter, then choosing a catamaran in Malta over other types of vessels may be the perfect way to provide your group with exactly the experience you are searching for.