RIBs for charter

RIBs for charter in Malta

Speed demons and leisure seekers alike can enjoy the seas in Malta with an excursion aboard one of the many different vessels available through charter companies. However, speed demons and thrill seekers may experience the most joy out of riding between islands or around the coastline in one of the many RIBs in Malta that charter companies have to offer.

A RIB, also known as a rigid-inflatable boat or rigid-hulled inflatable boat has many of the same characteristics as a motorized raft, but it is safer and harder to sink. RIBs in Malta are the best of both worlds for groups or individuals seeking a thrilling, fast ride. RIBs are both high performance and high capacity, allowing everyone in your group to safely experience a ride across the Mediterranean in no time at all. RIBs are faster than most other similarly sized and powered boats because of their light weight and hydroplaning hulls.

RIBs in Malta typically range in length from 4 meters to 9 meters, or 13 feet to 28 feet long. One or more outboard motors and an additional inboard motor that handles a stern drive or water jet most often power these boats. The motors individually power up between 5 and 300 horsepower or 4 to 200 kW.

One of the biggest benefits of riding in RIBs in Malta is their sturdy construction. RIBs are designed for both stability and seaworthiness, and all are constructed with an inflatable collar. These boats are able to maintain their buoyancy, even if a large amount of water splashes in due to high winds, choppiness or other inclement weather and sea conditions. Unlike other boats, the RIB wonít leave you stranded at any one of the many sites you can visit in Malta should the weather become a little dark. This design also makes the ride more pleasant for those who have a difficult time coping with sea travel.

If you are planning a trip to Malta and want to experience everything the islands have to offer as quickly as possible and want the thrill of a fast boat ride to wherever you are headed, then selecting one of the many RIBs in Malta is the right way to go.