Turkish gulets for charter

Turkish Gulet in Malta

One of the most exciting things about visiting Malta can be experiencing the historical culture that still thrives among the locals and throughout both business transactions and daily life. Experiencing history and nature at their finest has never been easier than by chartering a Turkish gulet in Malta.

The Turkish gulet was first built and used in small towns along the southwest coast of Turkey, though their use quickly spread throughout the entire eastern Mediterranean, including Malta. Turkish gulets are traditionally designed boats distinguished by their unchanged features, even after thousands of years: these gulets are still constructed of wood and are all double masted. Although not typically used for commercial transactions or travel, as they once were, today Turkish gulets in Malta are used primarily for tourist charters. One significant change has been made to these boats in recent years. The addition of diesel power has reduced the number of crew members needed to man a Turkish gulet, making this method of transport or leisurely charter much more affordable than it once was. Additionally, the new powered versions of Turkish gulets in Malta are rarely rigged for traditional sailing.

For those with large groups visiting the small country and its surrounding islands, Turkish gulets in Malta are perfect. Equipped with spacious decks, these boats can accommodate parties and large groups in addition to full buffets and entertainment. The large size of these boats also provides them with additional stability, making the ride more comfortable with less rocking. Often, Turkish gulets in Malta are chartered for weddings, receptions, corporate events and incentive parties and more.

If youíre searching out the perfect boat charter in Malta, and you want to pair history with nature and experience all of the best Malta has to offer, then the traditional features, wood construction and historical significance of Turkish gulets in Malta are the perfect selection for you and your group.