Charter Types

Boat Charter types in Malta

If you’re heading out to Malta for a romantic getaway or for a long-overdue vacation, and you want to experience everything that the country, the culture and nature have to offer in this remote little location, then youíll need to look into the different boat charter types in Malta. Many people who visit the Mediterranean think only about land excursions, about tasting the food at local restaurants and about visiting the sights within the cities when they travel to a country like Malta. And while these types of activities can be incredibly satisfying, boat charters will add another dimension to the experience, giving you and your travel partners a different view of the Maltese islands and all the beauty they have to offer.

There are many different boat charter types in Malta, including leisure yacht charters, diving charters, group charters and fishing charters, along with unique charters, which you can create yourself with the help of a local yacht crew. Most charter companies in Malta offer both skippered and unmanned, or bare boat, giving you the freedom to decide whether you want a guided boat tour or want to strike out on your own If you decide to strike out on your own, you will need a sailing license or certification for the type of boat you are chartering.

Leisure charters

Boat charter types in Malta include group charters and leisure charters, which allow you to get out on the water either alone or with friends and experience a trip around the islands or along the coastline, out to the beaches on Comino or Gozo or even to local beauty spots like Reqqa Point, the Azure Window and Calypso’s Cave.

Diving charters

Diving Charters are one of the most popular boat charter types in Malta and take visitors to both natural dive sites and wreck sites, including the site of the Rozi tugboat, the HMS Maori, the Azure Windowís Blue Hole and Chimney at Gozo and the Blue Lagoon, also known as the Crystal Lagoon, in Comino. In order to charter a diving excursion in Malta, you must be PADI certified, which can be completed prior to arriving in the country or at one of the countryís many dive schools.

Fishing Charters

In addition to diving charters, fishing charters is another one of the many boat charter types in Malta that are gaining in popularity as fishing boat charters can provide a truly unique experience in Malta: the opportunity to catch and eat your own Bream, Amberjack or Albacore Tuna. Fishing charters in Malta typically provide the equipment, the bait and a local guide to help you make the most of your excursions and find the best places to catch the fish you are most hoping to bring home for either a wall piece or for a romantic dinner on the beach.

If you’re planning a trip to Malta and want to make the most of your vacation, booking one or more of the boat charter types in Malta will help make your dreams a reality.