Diving charters

Diving Charters in Malta

No trip to Malta would be complete with a dive into the archipelagoís pristine blue waters. Divers experience Malta and its surrounding islands from a new perspective, one that canít be had simply by walking on land or lying on the beach. Diving charters in Malta that go to nearly every dive site in the area are easy to find. With the thousands of companies and boats available for your charter, getting out on and underneath the water is the simplest part.

In order to make full use of diving charters in Malta, divers must be PADI certified through a dive course. Certifications are available for everyone ages 10 and up and depending on the school divers can take courses not only for beginnerís and advance diving certifications but also speciality courses for wreck diving, cavern diving, boat diving, night diving and many more. Those who come to Malta without an existing certification can get certified quickly and easily at one of the many schools on the main island.

Wreck diving has become one of the most popular diving charters in Malta because of the many sites available to diving pros and history buffs alike. The waters off the shores of Malta hold the wreckages of historical battles and lost flights. Some of the most famous wreck sites at Malta include the Rozi tugboat, Um al Faroud and the HMS Maori, which sunk the Berman battleship and carrier, Bismarck, during World War II.

Natural dives are another excellent way to utilize diving charters in Malta, and the many sheltered reefs like the Crystal Lagoon off Comino and Reqqa Point, offer divers the opportunity to explore to a wide variety of reef life, including Mediterranean Flounder, which is found is softer areas, and both young barracudas and octopus, which make their home in rockier reefs. Reqqa Point also offers divers the opportunity to experience underwater caving, a feature not available at all of the approximately 80 dive sites surrounding Malta, Comino and Gozo.

Diving charters in Malta wouldnít be possible without high-grade equipment. However, carrying your own scuba equipment on an airplane is not longer realistic with limited baggage allowances and excessive fees for overweight luggage. Thereís no need to worry. Dozens of shops line the shores of Malta and offer everything a diver needs in order to make the most of their trips. Shops in the area offer worldwide and recognizable brands like Scuba Pro, Apeks, Mares and Tusa, and must adhere to strict maintenance and cleaning regimens for their equipment. Renting equipment is much cheaper than bringing your own and often times can be a lot safer as rented equipment must meet high safety standards.

A trip to Malta is the trip of a lifetime, providing visitors with an opportunity to experience history in a way they never have before in a city known as the worldís open-air museum. Adding the splendor of a dive charter to that experience will make it a memory that lasts forever.