Fishing boat charters

Fishing Boat Charters in Malta

Whether your vacation is a leisurely weeklong getaway or a month-long retreat, if youíre a fisherman, there’s no better way to experience everything in the archipelago than by booking one of the many fishing boat charters in Malta. Unlike fishing at home, fishing in Malta offers the opportunity to catch a variety of fish found few other places and to do it without having to lug your own gear along for the ride.

When you’re taking a vacation to Malta, even if you are planning on fishing, the most beneficial way to get everything you need and want out of your fishing excursion is to rent your equipment when you book your charter or to book an all-inclusive excursion.

There are many fishing boat charters in Malta that provide included fishing tackle and bait. The best bait for fishing in Malta may not be what youíre used to at home. Prawns are successful bait in almost all terrain, whether deep-sea fishing and trolling, shallow-water fishing or fishing in areas with rocky bottoms. Live shrimp and yabbies are best for deep-sea fishing, and clams may work well in areas with rocky bottoms. Book fishing boat charters in Malta with locals will help you to determine the best bait, as well as the optimal method of fishingómany locals still rely on line fishing though rod and reel techniques are very popular with tourists and are gaining popularity with the locals as well.

Many fishermen choose to select fishing boat charters in Malta that allow for taking out a speedboat on their own. Speedboat charters make getting to the fishing spot much quicker, which allows for more time out on the water. However, a traditional Maltese Luzzu boat can provide a leisurely ride that allows plenty of time for getting acquainted with the beauty of the shoreline.

For both beginners and advanced fishermen alike, fishing boat charters in Malta offer an experience that cannot be had anywhere else. On these unique fishing excursions, fishermen can expect to encounter bottom dwellers like the Painted Comber, Bream and Wrasse. In addition, fisherman may encounter bigger fish game such as Amberjack, Barracuda and Albacore Tuna. One of the most rewarding aspects of enjoying fishing boat charters in Malta is the opportunity to not only catch the fish out in these deep-blue waters but to return them to shore and serve them up as a special meal that will make a truly unique trip that is both a satisfying fishing excursion and a vacation to remember.