Unique boat charters

Unique Boat Charters in Malta

A visit to the Mediterranean can be one of the most memorable and exciting experiences of your life, and no trip to the Mediterranean would be complete without spending some time in Malta and the surrounding islands in this beautiful archipelago, especially via one of the many unique boat charters in Malta that locals offer. Heading out on foot around the islands can be an exciting experience that gives you the opportunity to experience everything inland that the islands have to offer. However, out on the water, you will have an opportunity to see Malta, Gozo and Comino in a whole new light.

If youíre searching for ways to get around and make your Mediterranean trip truly special, booking one or more unique boat charters in Malta could be the answer to all of your questions.

For couples, unique boat charters in Malta are the perfect way to add additional flares of romance to a trip in one of the most romantic locales on the planet. A skippered or self-drive around the Maltese Coast at sunset or sunrise provides beautiful views that can rekindle the fire in your relationship. Another option for couples is to take a traditional boat cruise around the islands in a Maltese Luzzu. These rides are longer, skippered and provide couples more time to enjoy the sights together and riding in a Luzzu also provides a more culturally relevant experience that will help you enjoy the historical, cultural and romantic significance of your trip and your boat excursion.

However, unique boat charters in Malta are for more than just couples seeking romance. Small corporate groups can enjoy the benefits of cruises around the Maltese Coast and out into the surrounding islands. Corporate groups can use sailing regattas to create their own team building activities and competitions. There are dozens of big-name sailing competitions in Malta each year, and the locals are both used to and supportive of all types of sailing competitions.

There are also many other ways to make use of requests for unique boat charters in Malta, including excursions to Comino for barbecues and beach parties, as well as simple transfers from one island to the nextófrom Malta to Comino or Malta to Gozo and back again. If you have an idea for an excursion that will help make your trip even more special than you had ever dreamed possible, then taking advantage of unique boat charters in Malta may be the perfect way to make it happen.