Other Services

Alfanautica offers a vast range of services to its clients, and provides these services around the Maltese Islands. Boat chartering is the main operation in our business, and we also offer additional services like nautical licensing for those interested.

Boat charters

We have a massive fleet of the best boats in Malta available for charter. These boats range from ribs and open/self drive speedboats, to the most prestigious and luxurious yachts to grace the Mediterranean waters.

Nautical license courses

What better way to start your marine experience than educating yourself and getting certified with a valid Nautical license, especially with the upgraded marine laws and hefty fines. This is your first step to a lifetime of the nautical lifestyle. With regulations being the way they are, certification is a necessity in today’s cautious and ever caring responsible society. Life saving and first aid techniques, emergency procedures, boat handling, safety precautions are all subjects that will be covered during these courses.


Boat Drivers

Have you rented a bareboat and are looking for a driver to take over the tedious task of driving you to your destination safely, and in an optimal time at an appropriate pace? In this case you might be looking for a driver to take on the task for you. Boat drivers may also be provided in other cases, when the driver would be expected to hire the boat but for some reason or another is not up for the task, or not available all together


Skipper recruitment

We help boat owners find skippers for their vessels and this is specially convenient when the ones who are chartering, are looking for a skippered charter. Good skippers are hard to come by this day, especially if they have to have great personalities coupled with a very broad understanding of the nautical lifestyle.  At Alfanautica, you can rest assured that once we recommend a skipper he is for life.