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With more than 1.2 million tourists visiting each year and the number ever-growing, Malta is quickly becoming one of the most sought after small tourist destinations in the Mediterranean Sea. If you’re visiting Malta, and you need to get away from the hustle and bustle of Valletta, and the tourists packed beaches for a day, any number of yacht charter destinations from Malta can provide you with the respite you need.

A multitude of yacht charter destinations from Malta provides access to area immediately surrounding the main island, including trips to Comino’s Blue Lagoon or the port at Gozo. However, some tourists may want to jet away from the Maltese archipelago altogether, and this is easy to do from the port at Valletta. A high-speed catamaran or other speedboat or quick sailing yacht can take tourists to Pozzallo in Sicily in just under an hour and a half, or as far as Catania in Sicily in approximately 2.75 hours. For those seeking respite further away from the islands, a larger yacht can provide the means to access the port at Piraeus in Athens, Greece in seven hours or the beaches at Mykonos and Santorini in just over 8.5 hours. Other popular boat charter destinations from Malta include Cyprus, more than 15 hours or up to a full day on some boats and the ports of Barcelona and Ibiza in Spain, each less than 10 hours from the port at Valletta.

Each of these boat charter destinations from Malta provides not only respite and a different view of the Mediterranean but also access to new and different cultures. Sicily offers architecture influenced by nearly a dozen distinct ruling cultures while provides a look into mythology at its birthplace. Spain, with the worldís second largest hold on the tourism industry, provides access to hundreds of world-renowned museums, with more than 50 museums nestled near the port at Barcelona. All major and popular boat charter destinations from Malta also offer lustrous sandy beaches paired with crystal and deep-blue waters that will make you never want to leave.

If you are planning a trip to the Mediterranean Sea and will be staying in Malta, researching and including one of the many yacht charter destinations from Malta that are available can help to diversify your trip and help keep it exciting the entire time you are away.