Malta to Greece Boat Charter

Malta to Greece Boat Charter

When visiting the countries of the Mediterranean, traveling by plane can be a hassle, especially with luggage restrictions and the amount of time it takes to embark and disembark from airplanes and out of airports. If you are traveling around the Mediterranean and want to work your way from Valletta to Athens, the best way is to book a Malta to Greece boat charter, which will not only allow you to bypass the unpleasantness of airport hopping but also to see additional sites and have more control over your itinerary.

More than 20 million people visit the more than 6,000 Grecian Islands and mainland each year with more than 6 million of those tourists entering Athens alone. This popularity for tourism in Greece began in Ancient times and today creates more than 20 percent of the jobs available in the country. China and Austria both in recent years declared Greece as the most popular and beloved vacation destination for residents of those countries.

Tourists choose Greece for its Ancient allure, its islands, its natural and architectural beauty and its historical relevance. Greece is home to the Acropolis and Mount Olympus as well the New Acropolis Museum, all some of the most popular tourist’s destinations in the world. In addition to an abundance of history, the cultural history and natural beauty of the islands and their beaches are also part of the main attraction. Mytros Beach at Kefalonia attracts thousands of visitors each week for its clear waters and sandy beaches, while places like Mykonos and Santorini attract visitors for their bright white and blue architecture, many windmills and beaches filled with colored sands in black and red.

The trip from Valletta to Athens on a Malta to Greece boat charter is just over 460 miles and takes approximately seven hours while the trip from Valletta to Mykonos and other surrounding ports on the islands is roughly 541 miles and takes around 8.9 hours depending on the exact destination, the tide, the winds and of course, the speed and power of the boat you have chartered. If you are booking a Malta to Greece boat charter, a catamaran or high speed, small sailing yacht may be the best choice for this trip as they can reduce the amount of time spent on the water and increase the amount of time spent in the city.

By far and large, the ports at Piraeus, or Athens, and Mykonos are two of the busiest in all of Greece as tourists pour in by the millions, but if your mission is to experience Greece and its islands up close and personal, there is not a better way than to book a Malta to Greece boat charter.

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