Malta to Spain Boat Charter

Malta to Spain Boat Charter

A vacation around the Mediterranean Sea and the lands that break it up can be one of the most memorable experiences of your life. And while you could take an airplane from country to country, boat charters, such as a Malta to Spain boat charter, can provide the opportunity to see the world as youíve never seen it before.

A Malta to Spain boat charter can help you get from the port at Valletta on Malta to multiple destinations in Spain, two of the most popular being Barcelona and Ibiza. Barcelona is approximately 659.9 miles from Valletta across the Mediterranean Sea and Ibiza is around 649.5 miles from Valletta following nearly same route. Depending on the type of Malta to Spain boat charter you book it can take 9.8 hours or less to reach either Ibiza or Barcelona from Valletta.

Although nearly 10 hours of travel by boat may seem like a great deal of time, the sites you will see along the way from Valletta to your destination in Spain make the trip worth every moment at sea. In order to reach Barcelona or Ibiza from Valletta on a Malta to Spain boat charter you may pass by the Cagliari at Sardinia and even the ports at Palma are accessible if you take a brief detour from your scheduled route. Both Palma and Cagliari are ports worth stopping for and will add the exquisiteness of your adventure.

Upon arrival in Spain you will most likely instantly forget the distance you have travelled as you will exit the boat into a different world: one that has been both marred and beautified by thousands of years of turmoil. Throughout history, Spain has been ruled by the Bourbons, the Celts, the Basque, the Moorish Muslims, Rome and the Germans and was even a part of the Napoleonic conquests. Spain boasts the second largest tourism industry in the world, in part because of its rich history and sites such as the Altamira Caves in Cantabria and hundreds of museums, as well as the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona if you visit in July.
However, taking a Malta to Spain boat charter to the Iberian Peninsula will give you more than a history lesson. You will also have access to pristine beaches such as the Beaches of Sitges at Catalonia in Barcelona and El Sardinera near Cantabria, as well as multiple other beaches at Ibiza and the Canary Islands.

With so much to do, see and experience, it is best to plan your Malta to Spain’s boat charter for 5 to seven days to allow you to explore multiple coastal cities and to venture through the country on foot.

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