Boat Types

Boats types for Charter in Malta

If you are visiting Malta for a vacation or just for a short getaway during an already planned escape, one of the greatest adventures, you can embark on is visiting the surrounding islands by booking one of the many different types of boats for charter in Malta.

To many tourists, especially those with no knowledge of sailing or boating, the choices of those boats available can be somewhat overwhelming, but with the right knowledge ahead of time distinguishing between the many types of boats for charter in Malta and choosing the one thatís right for you will be easy.

For those tourists who want to find boats for charter in Malta that will allow them to get out on their own and experience the islands at their own pace, open speed boats and self-drive boats or even small catamarans will offer the best solution. They are easy to manage and can be driven by nearly anyone with sailing experience and certification. Catamarans especially will require sailing certification.

A more luxury experience is available in the form of sailing yachts and cabin cruisers. Sailing yachts are considered the high end of recreational vessels and will be quite expensive to charter, while cabin cruisers offer many of the same but downgraded amenities of sailing yachts in a smaller package and with fewer crews making this option more cost effective, especially for couples and small groups.

Cultural experiences abound on Turkish gulets and in Maltese luzzus, the former being a sailing ship turned motorized boat and the latter constructed in the form of a traditional fishing boat. And for those seeking thrills, a ride in an RIB, or rigid-hulled inflatable boat, will be more like the movies, flying over the water and allowing it to splash into the boat with its lower sides.

No matter what type of boats for charter in Malta you have your eye on and want to experience, you will be able to visit the islands of Comino and Gozo. You can take a sail around the Maltese coast or experience the wonder of sites like the Azure Window, the Blue Lagoon and the Dingli Cliffs, all from another vantage point: out in the deep azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea.