Sailing yachts for charter

Sailing Yachts for charter in Malta

The desire to experience the open sea on a small yacht or other sailing vessel is something that you cannot deny after you have visited the Maltese Islands. Surrounded by beautiful, pristine waters in deep azure and crystal clear, Malta, Gozo and Comino draw in visitors and create in them a desire to spend every waking minute near to, in or on the ocean. And if youíre looking for a truly remarkable experience that you will never forget, chartering sailing yachts Malta is the best way to satiate your desires.

Until motorized vessels like speedboats came into existence, todayís sailing yachts in Malta were travel vessels and fishing vessels, used for subsistence missions and other daily tasks associated with living. These boats were never considered to be a luxury.

However, today, luxury sailing yachts in Malta are equipped with state of the art equipment, are comfortable and often have many amenities not afforded on other vessels, such as kitchens, lavatories, showers, champagne and wine coolers and staff to take care of your every need. Not all sailing yachts in Malta are this way as sailing yachts range in size from 12 metres to 18 metres, or 38 feet to 60 feet, and can be either manned or unmanned by a crew. Smaller vessels are likely to have fewer amenities.

Since the introduction of motorized boats, sailing yachts in Malta have become primarily recreational vessels and are used for providing tours of the islands and long leisurely rides around the coastline.

Other than the many amenities that are often available on most sailing yachts in Malta, these boats also offer the added benefit of being both light and fast. Sailing yachts can provide visitors a much-needed break from daily stress or from the hustle and bustle of Valletta. For the more adventurous a sailing yacht can also provide a long weekend trip sailing around the islands and taking in everything that nature has to offer.